Monday, February 28, 2011

Skype Generation

It’s amazing, how new technologies that we used to see only in Sci-Fi movies some while ago coming to reality. Actually 10-15 years old Sci-Fi movies producers didn’t even have this much imagination. Well maybe we are decades or even centuries away from FTL technologies and colonizing other galaxies but surely we have come way farther than anyone would have thought when it comes to computer technologies and communications. Yes, humanity has achieved more in past 100 years then in thousands of years in our history. Very same achievements that today youth is taking  as granted.
Imagine a life without a Television, Mp3 Players, digital video and audio, Cell phones and computers.  Well It would be literally impossible to sustain a life without computers today.
Computer software has come even farther; some of the software inventions have same values that hardware. Imagine a life without an email or instant messengers.  If something would happen to the Facebook or Skype our new generation would certainly have trouble dealing with it. Nobody is even going out anymore. Why bother when everything you enjoy communicating with other people you can find on the Internet. Well it may not be possible to satisfy biological needs yet, but yes, the operative word being YET. When teenagers deciding whether to go out to a movie or just simply take a walk, often changes with staying home at Skype. Sure, why bother putting a make-up and dressing up, just download Skype free and chill out at home.
Skype really is revolutionary though; Incredible Audio/Video chats and conferences and all the other great features; Skype on Mobiles, with Video chat, simply astounding. Not mention Skype phones that gives you opportunity to use Skype as a landline. To find more about new features, download Skype free.